My american family

One huge Gratitude of my life is that one day when I entered an ice cream shop within the first week I have been in Orlando and a lady behind me recognized my german accent (which I hope I lost since then). That lady’s name is Sandi. Sandi and me grew together to Mom and daughter within the more than two years of my time living and working in the USA.

I love her and Gary, my american father, to the moon and back – just like my own mom! I have never met more honest and lovely people then these two with their family! Since it is already about 13 years ago I left the States for good me and Rudi where so happy to be able to visit all these americans called my family this may.

We met for a family gathering at my sister’s house, where we surprised sandi and gary with our presence. Well, we have changed since we’ve seen us the last time five years ago. Now Rudi and me are Mom and Dad of a wonderful lil girl and are more and more part of this family that also grew the last time we’ve been overseas.

Why I post that on my babymemories-blog? Well… just saying! Sandi, Gary and me are writing us Gratitude-E-Mails on a daily basis and we share the little things that make us happy in our allday-everyday life and I just wanted to make sure to highlight this one day, where I got tapped on my shoulder and involved in a nice conversation with a lady with the age of my mom. I learned a lot – mostly to be thankful for all I have, am able to and my health. Don’t forget to be grateful for the little things in life and it’s such a gift.

Happy weekend. *emotional-stuff-mode-off* 😉